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101 Playground Games - Includes CD-Rom

101 Playground Games - Includes CD-Rom
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Well-researched, 101 Playground Games recognises the importance of children's experiences in the school playground and provides a practical toolkit of ideas to promote lively and enjoyable games. It draws on traditional games and also introduces a wealth of new ones, including:

  • Chasing and catching games
  • Skipping games and rhymes
  • Singing and dancing games
  • Parachute games
  • Quiet games
  • Circle games
  • Co-operative games
  • Games from around the world.

This comprehensive collection provides clear instructions for adults on how to organise the games and is a resource that will make any playtime a richer experience for all.

Includes: 181-A4 Pages, CD-ROM, Printable Pages and Instructions.
Ages: 5 - 11 (primary)
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Author Thérèse Hoyle
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