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30-Day Job Promotion

30-Day Job Promotion
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Although people may work hard, arrive on time every day, and get along well with their boss and co-workers, many struggle to achieve a promotion for their efforts. A recent survey revealed that 20 percent of all male employees and 24 percent of all female employees recently asked their boss for a raise. Of those who asked, 59 percent of women and 41 percent of men were told “no.” Not only do many fail when they ask for a promotion, several are too scared to ask for one in the first place!

30-Day Job Promotion gives experienced professionals and first-time workers insider strategies for standing out and demonstrating their value to employers. These quick tips put readers on the fast track to a promotion—and more money—in just a matter of weeks!

As part of the Help in a Hurry series, this handy, affordable guide gives readers proven strategies to enhance their work performance and to confidently and effectively ask for the promotion and recognition they desire.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Scripts and tips help readers confidently ask for a promotion.
  • Includes discussion on one of today’s hottest career trends—career branding.
  • A step-by-step coaching process offers sound advice for career success.
Ages: Adults
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