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About Us

We are a team of enthusiastic and dedicated people, who are passionate about education and learning. We follow our passion by publishing and distributing “world-leading” educational resources to supplement the learning needs of:


  • Pre-school/kindergarten
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Health professionals
  • Workplace learners
  • Life long learners, and
  • Elderly care

At The Brainary® our ideology is based on the premise that life evolves around learning, growing, and personal development as a life long process. Therefore, learning forms a key part of our everyday lives. Just as a healthy body requires appropriate regular physical exercise, a healthy brain requires appropriate regular learning exercise. "If you don't use your brain capacity you risk losing it".


In addition, we believe that knowledge and learning are important because they have become the competitive edge in economic production throughout the world.

We address this premise by offering innovative and inspirational educational resources such games, books, posters, counselling programs and consulting services to educational institutions, parents, workplace learners, and lifelong learners.




For learning to be effective it needs to be relevant, interesting, enjoyable, inspirational, apply able, and above all... fun. The Brainary aims to provide resources and simulations that meet these criteria. Children and adults learn particularly well when given truly educational games and simulations. Games and simulations offer participants many advantages over other teaching techniques.

For example:

  • Games are uniquely successful for getting and holding the participants attention
  • Games are good at teaching hard-to-teach facts
  • Games get participants to interact and practice the skills that they are learning
  • Games can teach empathy
  • Games are a good way to bring up complex or boring issues, and
  • Games are multimedia in nature and are great for special needs students.

Learning does not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as sharing a conversation and exchanging ideas with another person or group of people. Why not give it a go... what have you got to lose?




Not all of our resources are fun because some of them need to tackle serious issues, which are in no way funny. Nevertheless, we carefully select resources and simulations on these important issues that are addressed in a sensitive, yet relevant, interesting, inspirational, and apply able manner.



The Brainary has a new division specialising in educational technology! 

Click on the following web link to view Brainary Interactives website: www.brainaryinteractive.com



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