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Adventure Bot EZ-Robot

Adventure Bot EZ-Robot
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EZ-Robot offers an easy, innovative, and powerful platform to engage your students in robotics. With EZ-Robot no programming experience is needed! The EZ-Builder Robot Control Software provides a visual design interface to control and program your EZ-Robots. 
EZ-Robot provides a platform that scales between beginner and advanced users. Users are taught algorithmic logic, electronics, and modular design all while modifying their EZ-Robot into a customised Personal Robot. The excitement of having a personalised robot makes the process rewarding! 
Do not under estimate the potential of this little robot. Using the same controller as its higher priced counterparts, the AdventureBot also uses the EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller and EZ-B v4 Camera.
This may be an affordable entry level EZ-Robot, but it can be expanded using additional Clip'n'Play parts in the future. For example, the base of the AdventureBot is from the Six Hexapod. By adding additional new body parts and sensors, the only limit is your imagination!
Age: 12+
Price: $218.55
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