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Binary's UFO

Binary's UFO
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Binary's UFO™ is a smart toy super saucer! Using lights & sounds to teach children how to code. This kit comes jam packed with Binary's UFO, some fun sensors AND a brand new BBC micro:bit computer.


There's no limit to the fun you can have with Binarys's UFO™

  • Build your very own robot
  • Create your own design
  • Learn to write computer code
  • Make him do exciting things


What's in the box

  • binaryufo.aspx
  • Flat pack Cardboard Binary's UFO™
  • BBC Micro:bit mini computer
  • Sticker Sheets, medal stickers
  • Instruction Book
  • Cardboard Standup Binary
  • Speaker with attaching Croc Clip Wires
  • Temperature Sensor with attaching Croc Clip Wires
  • Motion Sensor with attaching Croc Clip Wires
  • Light Sensor with attaching Croc Clip Wires
  • LED lights assembly
  • Battery Holder


Includes your very own BBC Micro:bit

  • This kit includes one of the latest innovations for kids to hit the UK, a brand new BBC micro:bit pocket-sized computer.
  • Designed by the BBC to help schools teach coding; the skill of the digital generation.
  • Simply connect it to a PC or Mac using the mini USB cable supplied.
  • It works with tablets and smartphones using Bluetooth.
  • No complicated software needed - just write code on a web page using Block Editor.
  • Simply connect the sensors included in the kit and your robot comes alive.
  • It can detect motion and tell you which direction you're heading in.
  • Create anything from a motion detecting security robot to a temperature or light sensing science experiment - the possibilities are endless!


BinaryBots™ teach your child to code

6 reasons why children should learn to code:

  • Code is one of the world's most widely used languages.
  • Connected devices are already reshaping our world.
  • Kids learn better and faster when they're young.
  • Set them up for a successful career.
  • Unleash your child's creativity.
  • Increase your child's confidence.


Ages: 8+


See link below for a Class Set



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