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Communication Activities with Adults

Communication Activities with Adults
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With more than 100 graded communication activities for individuals and groups, this practical book is an excellent resource for health professionals and activity providers. An extensively revised and updated form of the extremely popular Activities Ideas, which was originally published in 1983. Originally compiled for use with people with dysphasia, this book is also valuable for working with the elderly and day-centre clients, and can be used for group warm-ups. The majority of activities require little or no preparation and can be adapted to suit different abilities.
This handbook of games and acitivites has been complied for use by professionals, volunteers and carers in education, health and social settings. The material is intended as a supplement to existing resources and is presented here in an easily accessible form.
The instructions and examples are not meant to be followed slavishly. Do adapt them as you see fit and depending on the ability of the group. For example, with some groups you can introduce an element of competition: two teams racing to finish first, or scoring points for the correct answers. Above all, aim for enjoyment along the way.
Recommended for: Health & Well-Being Coodinators and Care Providers.
  • Cued Responses
  • Short Answers
  • Longer Answers
  • Non-Verbal Activities
  • Reading
  • Writing
128pp, 207 x 131mm, paperback
"Excellent for care providers needing some fresh inspiration or wanting something ready to hand to fill an odd five minutes or so."
- Signpost Magazine
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Author Jayne Comins, Felicity Llewellyn & Judith Offiler
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