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Hands on Dyspraxia - Supporting Children and Young People with Sensory and Motor Learning Challenges
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A practical working guide for parents, teachers and allied professionals, offering an understanding of dyspraxia, its underlying causes, strategies and helpful advice.

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Sensory Dinosaurs
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An engaging and thoroughly well-thought out book that will help teachers, parents, carers and children in understanding why some children struggle in school as a result of sometimes undiagnosed or unrecognised challenges.

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Taking Dyslexia to School
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In Taking Dyslexia to School , a young boy with dyslexia shares how difficult school has been for him. With help from his teachers and parents, he learns new techniques for school success.

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The Gift of Learning - Proven New Methods for Correcting Add, Math & Handwriting Problems
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The Gift of Learning focuses on proven methods for correcting three basic learning difficulties children and adults experience, beyond problems with reading.

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