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100 Creative Writing Activities - To Promote Positive Thinking
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A versatile book of inspiring, ready-to-use, creative writing activities.

Price: $74.60
A Box Full of Feelings
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A Box Full of Feelings  is designed to support the social-emotional development of children aged two to seven. The set is built around four basic feelings happy, sad, angry and afraid. The box contains the basic material to get children involved in more than 20 different activities, a...

Price: $268.45
A House Full of Emotions
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A House Full of Emotions  is a proven and powerful tool to help older children name and identify feelings and how they affect their relationships with others.

Price: $299.13
About Faces Card Game and Workbook Set
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Recognising the feelings of others is a vital skill for all social interaction. Although words, tone of voice, and gestures are also important, the most reliable way to learn the feelings of others is through observing facial expressions.

Price: $58.26
Anger Control Resource Pack for Children
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Anger is a feeling or emotion with a range of intensity from mild annoyance to intense rage.

Price: $383.47
Anger Management - A Practical Resource For Children With Learning, Social and Emotional Difficulties
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A practical resource for children with learning, social or emotional difficulties.

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Anxiety and Stress Management Pack for Children
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Anxiety is a normal human emotion experienced by children and adolescents alike. However, research is telling us that anxiety has become the most common mental health problem experienced by children and adolescents.

Price: $219.31
Behaviour, Safety and Well Being - 100+ Lesson Plans for the Primary Classroom
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A comprehensive, accessible and invaluable tool for every classroom

Price: $92.01
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Berenstain Bears Talk About Feelings Deluxe Kit
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The Berenstain Bears Talk About Feelings Kit reinforces positive behaviours such as listening to others; sharing; cooperating; following the rules; and being honest, kind, respectful, responsible, and helpful.

Price: $336.68
Blob School
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Blob School is an educational resource designed specifically for one of the main purchasers of the Blobs – teachers! This practical resource aims to cover all the key areas of school life so that teachers, assistants, school workers, pupils and parents can reflect upon a wide range of ...

Price: $70.53
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Building Empathy Ball
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Our Counselling Balls have proven to be one of the most popular ways to teach children and teens emotional, social and behavioural skills.

Price: $38.32
Bully Minimisation Pack for Children
SKU: SKU6771
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Is there anything new about bullying in schools? Yes! We now know the key elements of the process of bullying and we now have a legal obligation to address this serious matter in schools as well as workplaces.

Price: $359.54
Choices Posters (Set of 12)
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Friendship, assertiveness and negotiating ability are vital areas of emotional literacy and often determine future happiness. Stimulus cards to encourage discussion and help children develop a better understanding about themselves and their feelings. Use these cards as a gateway to ...

Price: $140.34
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ColorCards - More Story Starters
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A new set of  Story Starters  designed to trigger and encourage creative writing and storytelling inspired by a range of interesting and unusual images.   Each card can be used independently or grouped with others to create stories. 

Price: $80.51
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Creative Storytelling with Children at Risk
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This book is about ways in which we can tell and create stories with children who are troubled.

Price: $75.14
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