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Connecting Teachers, Students, and Standards: Strategies for Success in Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms
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Creating and sustaining a classroom where every learner succeeds is challenge for any teacher-especially when the elements of diversity and inclusion are added to the mix. How can teachers differentiate instruction in ways that help all students’ meed standards and develop lifelong learning...

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Friendship Explorers
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The most common reason that kids become excluded from social networks, targets of bullying, teasing, etc. is that they are different from the “in” kids in some way.

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Teaching in Tandem - Effective Co-Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom
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Co-teaching is an equal partnership between a special education teacher and a general education teacher. They share a classroom and responsibilities for teaching all students in the class. But what does co-teaching look like? How does it work? Are we doing it right?  

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