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NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

Registered NDIS Provider: 4050012563


The Brainary, Brainary Interactive and Calming Clothing Company’s offer NDIS Participants a range of products, which are now claimable with NDIS funding.

Approved Registration Groups

We are currently approved for the following NDIS registration groups*

Communications and Information Equipment (All Australian states):

Tap It: http://www.brainaryinteractive.com/tapit/

Eye Gaze: http://www.brainaryinteractive.com/eyegaze-edge/

Eye Tech: http://www.brainaryinteractive.com/eyetech-digital-systems/


     Assist products for Personal Care and Safety (All Australian states except NT):

Calming Clothing Company: http://www.calmingclothingcompany.com/


(*More approved NDIS products coming soon)


As a Provider we will work with the Participant to deliver the supports required in accordance to the Service Agreement, which lists the expected outcomes, price and term and conditions. All supports will be delivered in accordance to the Service Agreement and receipts given to the Participant. Participants are not bound to engage the services of a Provider after their prices have been declared.


How to Purchase a Product

There are several ways a Participant can purchase a product. If your plan is self-managed, you can purchase the item and keep your receipt to claim through the NDIS Participant Portal.

However, if you are not self-managed, please contact us to set up a NDIS Service Agreement:

Email: info@thebrainary.com 

Phone: (03) 5229 2260




There are no available products under this category.