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Overcoming Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence
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Overcoming Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence - A Guide for School Leaders:  This clear-sighted book for principals and school leaders is written by an educator and physician specialising in child obesity.  It provides an overview and targetted discussion of the "Do's,&...

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Pediatric Disorders - Current Topics and Interventions for Educators
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Medical issues in schools are a growing reality. In addition to teaching academic skills, educators now play an integral part in comprehensive health care delivery for children. Based on current research, this volume outlines the most current and urgent pediatric issues affecting schools tod...

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Seeking Your Healthy Balance
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How do you balance the demands of caring for yourself with caring for your work and your relationships? Seeking Your Healthy Balance provides a framework to help groups or individuals find the answers for themselves.

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Understanding and Tackling Obesity - A Whole School Programme
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From an early age children are bombarded by the media with messages promoting foods high in saturated fats, sugars and salt. One of the greatest changes for children in the last 50 years is the decrease in exercise and the increase in 'screen' time.

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