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Online Opportunities and Online Risks Pack

Online Opportunities and Online Risks Pack
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How can we teach children to interact with the cyber world in a healthy way without them becoming addicted to the Internet? It is a question many therapists, educators and parents ask. To help create a healthy balance of online and offline time - and recognise the signs of internet addiction - we have created the Online Opportunities and Online Risks Pack.


This informative pack includes:

Children and the Internet - a forward-looking resource designed to advance children’s rights to expression, connection and play online as well as offline.

The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life - a philosophy that will help parents’ moderate technology in their children's lives, curb their own anxiety, and create room for a happy, healthy family life with and without screens.

Screen Savvy: Creating Balance in a Digital World - discusses how to interact with the cyber world in healthy ways, to avoid excessive, obsessive, or addictive relationships with your screens so you can live a rich and engaging life-on and offline.

Internet Addiction: A Handbook and Guide to Evaluation and Treatment - provides a theoretical framework to understand how to define and conceptualize compulsive use of the Internet.

Play-2-Learn Dominoes - Cyber Smart - an educational domino game designed to teach young people how to navigate the complexities of the Internet.


Includes Free Safety Ball valued at $49.95


Age: Children


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