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The Brainary® aims to be at the cutting-edge of educational research and practice. Accordingly, we are interested in publishing educational resources and related materials.

Should you have a manuscript or idea that matches our criteria, please feel welcome to contact us.

Email: info@thebrainary.com

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Newly Published Resource from The Brainary:

Pirates in the Yard
Author: Hugh Kingsley

Pirates in the Yard is an adventure of a lifetime...

Join Saul as he explores the unknown and lives out one of his greatest fantasies. His Journey involves much excitement and fun and danger! Find out how Saul copes with the unexpected and learns about another side of life in a story filled with action and humour. Will he survive?

If you like adventure, suspense, and exploring the unknown, Pirates in the Yard is a must read.



Coming Soon...

The Optimal Performance Game - Addressing Workplace Burnout