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Find Your Lightbulb - How to Make Millions from Apparently Impossible Ideas
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With invaluable business advice and case studies from entrepreneurs and innovators, this make-it-happen manual will help you fix the odds of success firmly in your favour.

Price: $71.30
It's Not Who You Know It's Who Knows You!: The Small Business Guide to Raising Your Profits by Raising Your Profile
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Raise your profile and get the attention you deserve -- for your business, your brand, or yourself!

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Smart Women and Small Business - How to Make the Leap from Corporate Careers to the Right Small Enterprise
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Smart Women and Small Business is the ultimate professional guide for mid-career, business-minded women who want to achieve the same independence and success as their entrepreneurial male peers—but in their own way.

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Where Do All the Paperclips Go?...and 127 Other Business and Career Conundrums
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A few minutes with this book will save you an entire lunchtime looking for the answers to life's curious work-related conundrums.

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