On Thursday, 13 June 2024, The Hon Ben Carroll, Minister for Education, announced significant educational reforms aimed at embedding evidence-based teaching practices in Victorian schools. The Brainary stands ready to support these initiatives by providing high-quality educational resources essential for early years education

The Allan Labor Government’s new Victorian Teaching and Learning Model will be implemented across all government schools from 2025, emphasising explicit teaching methodologies

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Educational, Family and Personal Perspectives 

Prepare pre-school kids with the Early Writing Resource Pack! Covering basic pre-writing lines, lower case alphabet and numerals, children trace the outlines with their fingers to develop fundamental literacy skills.

This model mandates systematic synthetic phonics for students from Prep to Grade 2, ensuring daily explicit instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness for at least 25 minutes. 

This structured approach, backed by robust evidence, has proven effective in fostering reading skills. Victoria’s top rankings in The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) results underscore the effectiveness of such evidence-based practices

The reforms aim to maintain this high standard while improving outcomes for all students, especially those who may be struggling. By incorporating these practices, Victoria continues to lead the nation in educational excellence



The Brainary: Your Premier Partner for Early Literacy Resources!

At The Brainary, we recognise the transformative power of these reforms. Our extensive range of educational resources is designed to support teachers and schools in implementing these evidence-based practices

From phonics programs to interactive learning tools, our products are tailored to enhance the educational experience and foster early literacy skills. Our resources are developed to be engaging and effective, helping teachers create an enriching learning environment for their students. 

Explore our collection of early years educational resources and equip your classrooms with tools that drive success and foster a love for learning and discover how we can help you implement these groundbreaking reforms. 

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Reading Gym’s comprehensive learning kits use clinically-proven picture association to accelerate learning and give children the head start they need. With a wide variety of activities including card games, letter tracing sheets, magnetic bingo, sensory yoga mats, and much more, kids will stay engaged all day whilst reinforcing vital reading concepts.

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The Brainary is committed to supporting you on this new Victoria’s educational reforms by providing resources to help Early Learning Centre, Kindergartens and Schools implement best practices that lead to outstanding educational outcomes. Contact us today to learn more about our products and get the best assistance in this exciting new phase of education.

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