Dementia and Family Support Pack

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Millions of people now have some form of dementia and they generally each have more than one care partner. This number is growing each year and will continue to grow until a cure is found. This pack addresses families and carers to help them better understand dementia.

Dementia in the Family: Practical Advice From a Caregiver - There are books that are very clinical and books that are fictional, but Dementia in the Family provides clinical information in lay terms within a true story of how dementia affects not just the person with the disease, but everyone around them. The author's gentle humor offers the reader moments of lightness in what could be a very dark read. Anyone can read and learn from this warm, practical, and all-encompassing book on dementia.

My Book about Brains, Change and Dementia: What is Dementia and What Does it Do? - 'Sometimes, a person's brain gets sick with a disease called dementia.' What does dementia do to the brain? And how can we help if someone we know, like a parent or a grandparent, has the disease? This book breaks down misconceptions about dementia and speaks directly to children aged under 5 about the realities of the disease, using age appropriate language in an engaging and informative way. It reassures parents of the value of open and honest conversation about the challenges raised by dementia and offers advice and support in the opening 'Guide for grown ups'. It includes a diverse audience of characters, to emphasise that ANY child can be impacted by dementia in their loved ones. Unlike traditional storybooks, the ending provides a question for the adult and child reading it to ponder together. Explains the complex concepts of dementia, such as brain function, disease progression and death to pre-school aged children in a direct and age-appropriate way, as well as exploring children's feelings about these issues. This book caters for children aged 4+ who have a loved one at any stage of dementia. Market: Children, in particular pre-school aged children (under 5), and their families everywhere who are impacted by dementia.

Dementia - Support for Family and Friends, 2ed - A comprehensive and practical guide to dementia, this book is essential reading for anyone who has a friend or relative with the condition. This updated edition reflects new guidance on approaches to supporting people with dementia, focussing especially on the UK, and includes quotes from people with dementia as well as from family carers. The book explores each stage of the journey people with dementia face and explains how it affects the person, as well as those around them both at home and in residential settings. It shows how best to offer support and where to get professional and informal assistance. Focussing on the progressive nature of dementia and the issues that can arise as a result, it gives practical advice that can help to ensure the best possible quality of life both for the person with dementia and the people around them.

Pocket Guide to Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias 2ed - If you or a loved one are worried about Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia, this pocket guide will help you to better understand the conditions, and how they are diagnosed and treated. Written by leading dementia experts, this book provides clear and concise information on:

· Symptoms
· Diagnosis and treatments
· Getting help and support
· Tips for people living with dementia
· Advice for carers

Market: People with dementia or awaiting dementia diagnosis, and their family and friends.


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