Early Years Friendship Pack

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From an early age children form friendships, and they continue to play an important part in emotional development at every life stage. Making friends is vital for social and emotional development, including social skills, selflessness, empathy, self-esteem, and confidence. These skills all positively contribute to the ability for cultivating friendships throughout childhood and beyond. These emotional intelligence books will help children build positive friendships.

The Early Years Friendship Pack includes:

Band Together - Duck is a solo act. He loves the peace and solitude of his beachside home, strumming his ukulele beneath the stars. After helping stranded band players Bear, Fox, and Seagull fix their broken-down tour van, he has tons of fun playing songs and hanging out with his new friends. Maybe he could ask the Band if they want to play with him again. But why would they want to be friends with Duck? When Seagull gets sick, it looks like the concert will get cancelled. Or will Duck drum up the courage and accept Bear's invitation to join the Band? Will Duck help his new friends out?

Too Shy to Say Hi - Making friends can be tough, but this rhyming picture book will help navigate difficulties of shyness and social anxiety. Shelli used to be pretty content in her little world, thinking that her pet friends with feathers, fins, and fur were enough. Her bird would keep her company at home, her fish would hideaway in his cave, and her dog was the social butterfly of the neighbourhood. But now, Shelli is determined to try to make friends with kids at school. Readers will relate as Shelli takes brave steps toward breaking out of her shell. Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers by Elizabeth McCallum, PhD, with more information about shyness and social anxiety.

Three Little Birds - Blue's feelings are hurt when he's not invited to find worms with Red and Yellow. So Blue impulsively starts a rumor. Before he knows it, his little fib has spiraled out of control, and all the birds are caught up in the big drama. Can Blue make things right before it's too late? Includes a Note to Parents, Caregivers, and Professionals with more information on dealing with gossip and helping children build positive relationships.

Grow Kind - Kiko grows and cultivates her garden, harvesting and sharing the fruits and veggies with her friends, neighbours, and family. This delightful tale serves as a metaphor of nurturing relationships and community, while sharing kindness with others. Grow Kind is a gentle narrative based on positive psychology and choice theory, essentially about cultivating kindness.


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