EyeGaze Edge

EyeGaze Edge

The world’s most advanced eye-driven tablet communication system.

Internationally trusted and locally loved, our Eyegaze Edge® continues to be the device of choice by locked-in users and their SLPs. Sophisticated image processing software analyses the camera’s images 60 times each second and determines where the user is looking on the screen. Nothing is attached to the user’s head or body.

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With the Eyegaze Edge system a user can:

  • Operated lights and appliances remotely

  • Control infrared devices such as televisions and stereos

  • Wirelessly control their own PC or Mac, using the Computer Access program’s on-screen keyboard and mouse

  • Surf the Web and send emails

  • Store and play music

  • Organise photos and home movies and view them

  • Read books in Kindle

  • Watch YouTube videos

  • Use a word processor

  • Update their Facebook Page


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