EyeGaze Edge

EyeGaze Edge

The world’s most advanced eye-driven tablet communication system.


Internationally trusted and locally loved, our Eyegaze Edge® continues to be the device of choice by locked-in users and their SLPs. Sophisticated image processing software analyses the camera’s images 60 times each second and determines where the user is looking on the screen. Nothing is attached to the user’s head or body.




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"The team at The Brainary have helped me and many of my clients over the past 2 years and their attention to detail and professionalism is next to none. With the assistance with Mark Allen and the team at The Brainary my clients have been able to engage more meaningfully in life with switch activated environmental control units and Eye Gaze technologies and have also been much safer in their everyday life, with custom switches designed to their specific needs, which relay to carer call buzzers and their mobile phones. Advancements in technology mean that those with a disability can do a lot more than they once could, and it is comforting to know as a therapist we can call on the expertise of the team at The Brainary and explore these possibilities."

Kane Felthouse BOccThy, Occupational Therapist


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