Fable Explore!

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Product Overview

A well-designed robotic arm that uses two servo motors to deliver amazingly accurate results. The Joint module allows for students to design and program a variety of models using its quick but intuitive magnetic modular system. Attachments allow for 3D printed material as well as LEGO bricks to be added to the design. The dual-screen software allows students to program in Fable Blockly whilst learning in Python as well. When ready they can switch into the text-based language and build even bigger solutions.

Perfect for Computer Science curriculums.

The system is wireless communicating through a Bluetooth Hub connected to the USB.

We recommend this set for 2 students working together.

Age range:
7+ years

Subject Areas:
Computer Science

The Explorer Set contains:

1 x Joint module
1 x Fable Hub
1 x Flex Phone Holder
1 x Laser pointer
1 x 4XY Module
1 x 3D Connector Module
1 x Accessory Adapter
1 x Throwing Arm incl. Ball
1 x Maze incl. Balls
1 x Fork
1 x Ball Stand incl. Ball
2 x USB Cables
1 x Box with stand lid


(No reviews yet) Write a Review