Fable Go!

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Product Overview

A fast assembled floor robot that has sensors that can be used to detect color and light. The Spin module allows for students to design and program a variety of models using its quick but intuitive magnetic modular system. Take the wheels off the module and now you have an accurate turn table great for move objects from one place to another. Attachments allow for 3D printed material as well as LEGO bricks to be added to the design. The dual screen software allows students to program in Fable blockly whilst learning in Python as well. When ready they can switch into the text-based language and build even bigger solutions.

Perfect for Computer Science and Math curriculums.

The system is wireless communicating through a Bluetooth hub connected to the USB.

We recommend this set for 2 students working together.

Age range:
7+ years

Subject Areas:
Computer Science

Fable Go! consists of:

1 x Fable Spin module
1 x Dongle
1 x Wheel Set
1 x Castor Wheel
1 x 3D connector
1 x 3XY module
1 x Adapter
1 x Phone holder
1 x Plow
1 x Fork
1 x Ball Stand incl. ball
1 x Lid with stand
1 x Box
2 x USB cable
1 x Getting Started Guide


(No reviews yet) Write a Review