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Ginger Tiger

Product Overview

Ginger Tiger is the largest online activity resource for special needs learners!





*NDIS approved educational software for special needs learners*


The Ginger Tiger site is tailor-made for the Special needs Education Community. Children and adults with Special Needs deserve to have their integration into society made an easier, more effective and joyful process. Read more about the Ginger Tiger Special Needs Educational Platform here!

Ginger Tiger is suitable for individuals of any age with specific learning disabilities, multiple disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, blindness and visual impairments, developmental delays, deafness and hearing impairments, mental delays, and speech and language impairments.

A devoted team of special-needs educators and software specialists have crafted and field tested the Ginger Tiger solution. It is today a broad online activity resource, exclusively for the special needs community. The result is an effective set of learning aids, targeting special-needs education. Ginger Tiger currently features more than 150 activities. We constantly add new activities to keep the site fresh and improve the experience of teachers, specialists, parents, children and students.

All our games and activities are graded in escalating difficulty levels. This enables the teacher to advance in controlled steps in tutoring and helps the pupil to practice the activities enjoyably according to his or her abilities. Read about Flexible Learning with 'My Story' - Special Needs Educational Game! here

The site is fully focused on the needs of our users by keeping the games simple, clean, with low stimulation screen design. The content and graphic interface relate to the children’s known environment and everyday lives.

Ginger Tiger is 100% accessible anywhere and anytime on any device that fits any needs such as PC’s, iPads and tablets with all of the special-needs access devices – Switches, EyeGaze Edge Eye-Tracking Device, touch screens and keyboards.

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It is also the perfect match with TAPit. The TAPit is the first ADA compliant interactive learning station designed to recognise the difference between an arm resting upon the screen and a finger or assistive device intentionally tapping an image. Providing an optimal interface for teaching students with special needs at their own pace, TAPit reinforces skills that can be transferred to other computer-based learning applications utilising the Internet, educational software or communication devices. Find out more about the TAPit.

TAPit Engages Complex Learners at Kōwhai Special School!

'The TAPit is basically indestructible. Our class of 18-21 year old's with complex learning needs have leant on it, pushed it, bumped wheelchairs into it and generally included it in the rough and tumble of classroom equipment and there’s no mark to show for it. The TAPit interests and motivates students, capturing their attention and intriguing them into engaging in activities and lessons that otherwise may have proved difficult.

All students have 1:1 interactive games they work on with staff members or independently throughout the day, and look forward to their focused learning activities on the TAPit. So far, we are doing old activities in new ways and accessing some amazing online special needs resources:

Ginger Tiger is now one of our daily teaching tools

Next step will be to figure out what the TAPit is really capable of and start doing new things in new ways! Hugh and his very helpful team have given us all the support we need to set the TAPit up and have been available to answer any questions we have had since. We can't recommend this company or this product highly enough.'

Amy Shoebridge (teacher) and Sarah Roil (Principal)

Read a great Parent review about ginger tiger:

"I have a son with disabilities who uses switches or eye blinks to communicate. The reason that I love Ginger Tiger is because I’m able to access this site on his augmentative communication device. It’s wonderful! So many different kinds of educational games are available. Many times, games for kids with disabilities do not teach age appropriate material. Ginger tiger does this. I appreciate it so much. Over the years, his younger siblings have also interacted with him by playing on the ginger tiger site, as well. They love it. My preschool and early elementary daughter wants to play on it all the time. Thank you for creating a program that is so beneficial and easy to access at home."

Thanks Sherrine, for your heartwarming words, It was very moving! We are happy to hear that your son and your family enjoy Ginger Tiger.

The Ginger Tiger team work closely with the team at the Technology Center at Beit Issie Shapiro (BIS) in Ra’anana, Israel, one of the world’s foremost special-needs facilities and are deeply involved in the professional development processes.

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