Human Body Learning Pack

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Product Overview

My Body - Designed specifically for children this visual activity is ideal for learning about the different parts of the body, and, is also great for singing heads, shoulders, knees and toes! Complete with 10 body parts, labels and reference/worksheet.

Big EarThis unique fabric display is ideal for demonstrating the different parts of the human ear, both external and internal. Includes 8 different fabric parts, a large outer ear and corresponding labels. A pictorial reference sheet with detailed teachers notes is also included.

Big EyeAn engaging resource for demonstration, revision and assessment of the structure of the human eye. Can be used to label parts of the eye. Can lead to discussions about the way the eye focuses and help explain eye sight defects. Includes fabric background, removable pieces, labels, reference and activity sheets.

Big HeartA colourful hands-on resource that will attract the attention of a class and stimulate interest in this complex subject. Includes fabric background, detachable heart chambers, fabric arrows, labels and teachers notes.

Big ToothThis unique fabric display is ideal for demonstrating the parts of a tooth and for emphasizing the importance of dental hygiene. Three smaller teeth enable discussions on types of teeth and their function. Includes fabric background, 10 fabric tooth parts, 3 smaller teeth, labels and detailed teachers notes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review