KUBO K-5 Pack

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050320 - Kubo

Product Overview

Includes The Brainary Technical Support, Curriculum and PD Training!


KUBO is the world’s first puzzle-based educational robot, designed to turn students from passive consumers of technology to empowered creators. By simplifying complex concepts through hands-on experiences, KUBO teaches children to code even before they can read and write


KUBO is designed so that students not only get to grips with coding and computational literacy; they also develop other important skills that prepare them for the future.





This set allows you to take your students from very simple to increasingly complex programming techniques. By introducing concepts in a simple step-by-step way, your students will gain the confidence they need to experiment and explore the endless possibilities that coding with KUBO provides.


Because KUBO is a hands-on, tactile and manipulative tool, it facilitates communication between students and teachers. You will witness how students’ coding vocabulary and conceptual understanding develops, as they verbalise the behaviours they program and can literally observe. KUBO reaches beyond language barriers.



KUBO CODING+ allows students to become more confident programmers using functions, subroutines and loops for endless possibilities. This set takes students from basic to advanced programming skills and, combined with the original KUBO coding pack, provides a full K-5 solution.




KUBO CODING++ Set completes the series of TagTiles needed to introduce all primary concepts of coding, in a unique hands-on, screen-free way. This puzzle-like set makes it easier for students to work with complex algorithms and develop abstract thinking. The set includes 44 TagTiles addressing concepts of variables, conditions (if/else) and events. This comes with lesson plans, a project pack and teacher guides.




KUBO K-5 Pack: This KUBO K-5 Pack is the ideal starting point for introducing coding and computational thinking to students from four years. Teach functions, subroutines and loops in simple, logical steps. Introduce basic programming skills including routes, functions and loops in a few simple steps, the materials allow students to develop increasingly advanced programming skills through creative challenges and cross-curricular activities. Simply use the Route TagTiles to lay down a route for your robot to follow or create a function with the Function Tiles. The robot will first drive over the function, remembers the sequence and will repeat the sequence of instructions to execute the demands!



KUBO K-5 Pack includes:


1 xKubo Robot

1 x Starter Coding Set

1 x Kubo Coding Map

1 x Coding +

1 x Coding ++

2 hour Video Conferencing Set-up & Curriculum Support

The Brainary Technical Support

1 x Spare Charger Cable



Suitable for ages 4-10+




– Easy to use, up and running in less than 5 minutes

– Unique TagTile concept, hands-on and screen-free

– Easy to differentiate, low entry, high ceiling for computational thinking

– Full solution with teaching content, tutorials and support

– Access to the KUBO Map Maker online, to create your own coding challenges and maps




KUBO is the new screen-free coding solution for primary education. KUBO is the new plug-and-learn TagTile robot, which unique system does not require any prior coding experience, takes no time to set up, and it doesn’t require any screens or software.



Your Coding Pack covers five coding concepts:

  1. Routes

  2. Functions

  3. Subroutines 

  4. Recursive Functions

  5. Loops




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