I Didn’t Expect Hearing Aids at Age 23

27th May 2020

I Didn’t Expect Hearing Aids at Age 23

Here’s Why I’ve Embraced Them

Written by Stephanie Newman on August 7, 2019

Published on healthline

Photo by Fabio Scaletta

The root of my self-consciousness, I realized, wasn’t my hearing loss, it was the stigma I had associated with it.

I realized I’d been equating aging with embarrassment, and disability with shame.

Though I’ll never fully understand the complexities of navigating this world as a deaf person, my hearing loss revealed to me that disability is accompanied by a far wider range of emotion than stigma suggests.

I’ve cycled through self-acceptance, nonchalance, even pride.

Now I wear my hearing aids as an emblem of my ears’ maturity. And as a millennial finding my footing in New York, it’s a relief not to feel young and inexperienced at something. Read more

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