Introducing the all-new MiRoCLOUD

4th Nov 2020

Introducing the all-new MiRoCLOUD

MiRoCLOUD, the brand-new distance learning platform to teach coding and robotics!...!

MiRoCLOUD is our brand-new distance learning platform to teach coding and robotics!


MiRoCLOUD provides an online portal to the MiRoCODE programming and simulation software, giving full access and management so schools and universities can use the browser-based software to teach pupils and students how to code at home or in the classroom. Use MiRoCLOUD anywhere, any time and on any machine – perfect for blended learning and no need to use up valuable server space. Transform the coding learning experience with MiRo-E and MiRoCLOUD!


What’s new with MiRoCLOUD’s programming and simulation software?

  • Register and sign into MiRoCLOUD from any internet browser
  • Access MiRoCODE to teach coding using Blockly and Python
  • Fully control MiRo-E’s movements, expressions and much more
  • Run the coding on a virtual MiRo in MiRoSIM
  • See the world through MiRo-E’s eyes both simulated and in reality
  • See how MiRo-E feels through feedback from all of MiRo-E’s sensors
  • Use MiRoSIM to test, fix any bugs and refine the code
  • Send your code straight from your browser to your MiRo-E robot to see your creation!

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