Products in this category may be eligible to be purchased through your NDIS plan!

The Brainary is registered under the following registration groups

Capital Supports:

- Assist Products for Personal Care and Safety - Products for personal care and safety, including specialised clothing and Eye Gaze technology.

- Assistive Equipment for Recreation - Products used in competitive and non-competitive sports and other recreational pursuits.

- Communications & Information Equipment - Resources to assist with alternate written, spoken & interpersonal communication.

- Personal Mobility Equipment - Products to enable mobility including equipment for wheelchairs.

- Vision Equipment - Products for navigation and orientation, including specialised robotics.

Capacity Building:

- Therapeutic Supports - Resources to assist the application of functional skills to improve participation and independence in daily and practical activities, in areas such as language and communication, personal care, mobility and movement, interpersonal interactions and community living.

The products and resources that fall under these registration groups are suggested items only. The Brainary has allocated these items due to their suitability with each registration group. Please note* any of our products may be claimable through the NDIS, depending on the Participants’ plan.

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