A Depth Psychology Model of Immigration and Adaptation

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A Depth Psychology Study of Immigration and Adaptation: The Migrant’s Journey brings current academic research from a range of disciplines into a 12-stage model of human migration. Based on Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, this depth psychology model addresses pre-migration reasons for leaving, the ordeals of the journey and challenges of post-migration adaptation. One-third of migrants return to homelands while those who remain in newlands face the triple challenges of building a new life, a new identity and sense of belonging. While arrivées carry homelands within, their children, the second generation, born and raised in the newland usually have access to both cultures which enables them to make unique contributions to society. Vital to successful newland adaptation is the acceptance and support of immigrants by host countries. A Depth Psychology Study of Immigration and Adaptation will be an important resource for academics and students in the social sciences, clinical psychologists, health care and social welfare workers, therapists of all backgrounds, policy makers and immigrants themselves seeking an understanding of the inner experiences of migration.