Adolescent Violence in the Home

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Adolescent Violence in the Home examines a form of violence that has a profound impact on families but is often overlooked and frequently misunderstood: teen aggression and violence toward members of their family—especially parents. Violence in adolescents is often seen as the result of a mental-health diagnosis, delinquency, or as a response to dysfunctional parenting, and though understanding a youth’s mental-health status or a parenting style can be helpful, complete focus on either is misplaced. Adolescent Violence in the Home uses a restorative framework, developed by the authors and in use in court systems and organizations around the world, to situate violent behaviors in the context of power and the intergenerational cycle of violence. Readers will come away from this book with a profound understanding of the social and individual factors that lead youth to use violence and how adolescent violence affects parents, and they’ll also learn about a variety of interventions that specifically address teen violence against parents.