An Introduction to Jungian Coaching

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SKU: 9780367367992 - 88 Categories: , , Author: Goren-Bar, Avi Publisher: Taylor & Francis ISBN: 9780367367992 Publish date: 10/11/2021

Product overview

Based on the psychology of Carl Jung, this illuminating new book invites coaches to extend their toolbox with deep, creative, and efficient professional methods that derive from a new perspective on coaching. In using the unconscious archetypes as a practical active psychological database for change, the Jungian coach can contribute significant modification in the coachee’s expected behavior. Jungian Coaching can be applied in evaluating the coachee, the team, and the corporation.
This book translates Jungian psychology into simple comprehensive concepts. Each chapter translates theoretical concepts and rationale to thepractice of coaching. Illustrated with practical examples from the corporate world and life coaching, it offers Jungian Coaching tools and techniques. By integrating the Gestalt psychology principle of the “here and now” into Jungian concepts, the author develops a new coaching tool that enables an activation of archetypes as a useful and empowering coaching experience.
A valuable introductory resource for all those involved in coaching relationships, this book can empower coachees and serve as a compass for personal growth. It will be of great interest to practicing coaches, executives, human resource managers, consultants, and psychotherapists.