ARpedia Spotty Into the Curiosity Q – Augmented Reality Book Set

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Reading experience beyond the pages!

A paper book that interacts with digital contents and AR technology for a completely new reading experience.

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Product overview

Explore STEM subjects with augmented reality (AR)! ARpedia extends your reading experience beyond its pages and expands your knowledge of the world. The 10 different encyclopedia books cover important subjects, such as space, weather, robots, and more! Make STEM learning more interactive and engaging. When you open the book, digital content will appear on the tablet, which creates an interactive learning experience.

Spark your child’s creativity with fun and engaging activities. Augmented reality (AR) content, markers special effects will enrich the learning experience by triggering visual and auditory senses. Make learning more fun interesting and engaging!

Researched and developed 10 topics that attract the curiosity of children aged from 4-9 years old. These contents include both stories and visuals, designed and suitable for children’s reading comprehension levels.

Set includes:

Ages: 4-9

Requires compatible tablet device (not included)

  • iOS 13.0 or above
  • Android 6.0 or above