Child Centered Play Therapy

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Product overview

Bring Garry Landreth into your classroom and let him demonstrate CCPT in action!

This DVD is a perfect complement to Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship, giving students, instructors, supervisors, and practitioners visual reinforcement of the material presented in the text.
It shows a complete and unrehearsed play therapy session, featuring Garry Landreth as he works with a young girl in a fully eqipped play therapy room. The video illustrates the Child Centered Play Therapy approach by demonstrating

The process of building a relationship with the child

Following the child’s lead

Facilitating the development of the child’s strengths

Responding to accidents in the playroom

Building a child’s self-esteem

Returning responsibility to the child

Participating in a child’s play without structuring

Empowering the child

Dealing with a child reluctant to leave the playroom

Landreth provides audio commentary throughout to highlight key moments in the session and emphasize the basic principles of the child centered approach. Viewers will find watching this master therapist and pioneer of play therapy to be a unique and valuable teaching and learning opportunity.