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Classroom Vibe: Practical Strategies for a Better Classroom Culture

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Dr Timothy O’Leary is a firm believer that decisions about improvements, whether they be for a teacher or school, need to be based on fact, not fancy. In Classroom Vibe he uses data to demystify why some classrooms are primed for learning while others aren’t and explains why strategies for change in schools often fail.

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SKU: 9781922607102 - 27 Category: Ages: 13 - 18 Author: Timothy M. O’Leary, Ph.D. Publisher: Amba Press Page count: 164 ISBN: 9781922607102

Product overview

In breaking down the atmosphere of the classroom as experienced by the students – the ‘classroom vibe’ – he gives teachers practical steps for improving theirs.

The author argues that when teachers focus their improvement efforts on the ‘vibe’ in each of their classrooms and school leaders focus on supporting their teachers in this endeavour, everyone benefits. He provides a clear framework that highlights how the culture of a classroom can determine whether important teaching strategies will succeed or fail.

Timothy M. O’Leary, Ph.D., is a Managing Director of Educational Data Talks, an Honorary Fellow at The University of Melbourne, a father of three, and a self-professed data nerd. As an educator, Tim has worked in government, independent and faith-based schools and his school roles have ranged from classroom teacher to school leader; his most recent role was Director of Learning. Tim has published in the areas of data interpretation and analysis, effective score reporting and collective teacher efficacy. This is his first book.


“The right vibe is felt by all, but hard to deconstruct. How to create it is what this book is all about — the deconstruction of the essence of memorable classrooms.”

John Hattie, education researcher and best-selling author of Visible Learning

“Tim O’Leary provides an honest, well-written, and thoughtful account of teaching accompanied by practical strategies that will equip classroom teachers with the tools they need to be successful.”

Jenni Donohoo, five-time best-selling author and professional learning facilitator