Educating for Global Competence, 2nd Edition

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Preparing Our Students to Engage the World

In a world rife with rapid change, environmental vulnerabilities, and racial inequities, this second edition of Educating for Global Competence poses an urgent question: What matters most for students to understand about our complex and interconnected world so they can participate fully in its future? Veronica Boix Mansilla and Anthony W. Jackson identify the key skills, values, and attitudes that K–12 students must cultivate to thrive in the 21st century.

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SKU: 9781416631583 - 11 Category: Ages: Adult Author: Veronica Boix Mansilla, Anthony W. Jackson Publisher: ASCD Page count: 168 ISBN: 9781416631583 Publish date: November, 2022

Product overview

Preparing students to participate fully in today’s and tomorrow’s world demands that we nurture their global competence, and this book shows teachers how to do just that.

The book features a practical framework for global competence education. The framework’s four dimensions focus on developing students’ capacity to

  • Examine local, global, and intercultural issues.

  • Understand and appreciate the perspectives and worldviews of others.

  • Engage in open, appropriate, and effective interactions across cultures.

  • Take action toward collective well-being and sustainable development.

This edition includes many new authentic examples of integrating global competence into curriculum, instruction, and assessment across subject areas. Through these examples, we see the practical ways educators can prepare young people to see the complexities of the world and to develop the skills needed to explore and solve problems on a global scale. Educating for Global Competence shows teachers, administrators, and policymakers how they can leverage their influence to make teaching for global competence a compelling endeavor that yields world-changing results.