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Emotional Intelligence Resource Pack for Children

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Emotional intelligence is rapidly being introduced into the education system around the world. To assist teachers and practitioners address this exciting new paradigm we have put together an emotional intelligence resource pack covering: self-awareness, mood management, self-motivation, empathy and relationship skills.

Most of the pack utilises game-play, which offers extraordinary learning transfer while being fun, high-engaging and above all educational.

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Product overview

The Emotional Intelligence Resource Pack includes:

Motivation in a Box – This game will give daily ideas on how to motivate children and teens in the home, classroom, or counselling office. Most importantly, this unique tool will convey to children and teens the importance of trying hard and being a “self-starter.”

The Cooperation Workbook – provides counsellors and teachers with nearly 100 fun pencil-and-paper activities to promote cooperation and “peace-making.” Activities are designed to be photocopied and used to help individual children or groups of children learn specific skills including: understanding other’s feelings, seeing the value of cooperative behaviours, and many more!

Dominoes – Empathy – an educational game developed to teach young people to understand the concept of empathy, to be empathetic, and to take positive actions towards others based on empathy. This game takes an incremental approach, teaching basic skills and moving on to more complex skills.

Listening Counts – an educational game that teaches six basic listening skills to children. Players learn skills that will help them be better listeners at home, with friends, and in the classroom. Skills include remembering to make good eye contact, avoiding interrupting, and interpreting body language correctly.

The Emotional Intelligence Game – an entertaining and engaging game that reflects the five areas of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, mood management, self-motivation, empathy and relationship skills. There are two versions of the game and corresponding sets of rules, competitive and cooperative.

Ages: Children