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Emotions Software & Tactile Resources Pack

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The Emotions Software & Tactile Resources Pack includes:

Emotion Stones

Talk About…How We Feel

Emotion Software Collection (apps for 1 x device) 

Samsung Galaxy 8GB Tablet (Black) 


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Product overview

The Emotions Software & Tactile Resources Pack includes:

Emotion Stones – Recognising facial expressions and understanding emotions helps children to communicate their own feelings and empathise with others. This beautifully crafted set of tactile stones is engraved with faces showing 12 common emotions: happy, sad, angry, frightened, worried, surprised, confused, bored, calm, proud, shy, and embarrassed. Cast from a unique mix of resin and real stone, the set is durable enough for use in sand and water, indoors and outside, providing plenty of opportunity to explore emotions across different environments. Each set includes 12 pebbles (measuring 45mm), plus a helpful leaflet full of inspiring activities.

Talk About…How We Feel – This set of 32 photo cards will help children to explore and understand emotions. Being able to recognise and name feelings is a vital social skill, as well as an important aspect of spoken language. The photo set covers the following emotions: happy, cross, surprised, sad, confused, frightened, bored, and disgusted. Featuring the same children throughout, there are four examples of each emotion, allowing lots of opportunity for practice and discussion. A free CD-ROM is included containing all the images, which can be easily loaded onto computers and interactive whiteboards, plus useful assessment checklists.

Emotion Software Collection (apps for 1 x device) – The software included is the I’ve Got A Feeling App: Understanding and responding appropriately to the facial expressions of others is key to children’s developing sense of empathy. This new app provides three engaging and stimulating games to foster these skills: Memory match, Draw me, and Puzzle pairs. It has been specially designed to work alongside our Emotion Stones and also uses artwork from our Talk About… How we Feel cards. This app works really well for children to work together to identify emotions and talk about different feelings, and then to take their discussions and play further with the physical resources. Full guidance and activity ideas are provided on the app.

Samsung Galaxy 8GB Tablet (Black) – Designed for on-the-go convenience, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet keeps you focused with all of the right tools. With customisable apps, advanced camera features, and long-lasting battery life, you can now be prepared for whatever your day gives you.