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Family Survive and Thrive Wellbeing Pack

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At some time or another, most families experience changes, then experience stress resulting from the changes, and then go into crisis-mode. However, not all families have a crisis as a result of the stress from change. Resilient families are able to rebound from adversity, to flex in response to the pressures and strains of everyday family life, to become stronger after the change, and to adapt with more resources at their disposal. Resiliency refers to the coping strengths of the individual members, and the combined coping strengths of the family as a whole. Families who exhibit resiliency are flexible when dealing with stress, have coping strengths that can be called upon when experiencing a stressor, and have the ability to reorganize in the face of stress to become stronger and better.

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Product overview

The Family Survive and Thrive Wellbeing Pack includes:

Family Change and Crisis Workbook and Cards – In order to maintain an effective and useful family unit, family members must develop skills for managing change, coping with stress, and building resiliency from external and internal stressors.

Family Blob Cards 2e – The second edition of these bestselling cards continues to provide a tool for exploring difficult emotions. Depicting various different family scenarios, the cards provide an opportunity for individuals of any age to discuss all aspects of family life and the situations that arise from it.

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy – Sets out a theoretical framework for mental health professionals to enhance their conceptualisation of family dynamics, considering a broad range of presenting problems and family groups.

Yes I Can Family Talk – Everyone enjoys connecting with other people. However, many of us have difficulty initiating and sustaining conversations. Sometimes we don’t know what to talk about, or aren’t sure what to say about a topic were discussing. Yes I Can Family Talk is a fun way to have a conversation and to get to know the other participants. It is suitable for families, classrooms, counsellors, and therapists.

Colorcards – Family Issues – This is a set of full colour cards showing 36 different issues illustrating diverse family life and experience. A collection of 36 cards designed to generate discussion covering thirty-six topics and issues faced by all or some family members. Each card provides the opportunity to tackle a different subject including: sibling rivalry; parental divorce; domestic violence; depression; elderly relative with dementia; drug addiction; alcoholism; child abuse; eating disorders; redundancy; and broken heart.