Leadership: How to Get the Very Best from Your Teaching and Training Groups

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In this innovative manual with DVD support, Australian author Susie Rotch draws on over 30 years experience as a Psychologist and Group Leader to prescribe a practical, comprehensive course on the core issues of learning group leadership.

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SKU: 9781876687076 - 10 Category: Ages: 13-18 Author: Susie Rotch Publisher: JoJo Publishing Page count: 288 ISBN: 9781876687076

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This course enables group leaders to learn how to run exiting, effective learning & training groups. The course material has an immediate application for counsellors, teachers, welfare workers, corporate and industrial trainers, and anyone else who wants to run a learning group. The aim is to give people a solid grounding in the dynamics of group work, relevant to whatever type of group they want to run. For the first time, three well-known psychological theories of personal and group behaviour are synthesized into a new method which provides a positive and accessible approach to running groups. This is then combined with a detailed explanation of course structure, typical group behaviours, and hints on leader self care and personal development. (Includes Leadership Guide DVD)