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Pre-Coding Penguins Software & Tactile Resources Pack

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The Pre-Coding Penguins Software & Tactile Resources Pack includes:

Pre-Coding Penguin Stones 

Pre-Coding Penguin Activity Cards

Pre-Coding Penguins App (app for 1 x device) 

Samsung Galaxy 8GB Tablet (Black)

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Product overview

The Pre-Coding Penguins Software & Tactile Resources Pack includes:

Pre-Coding Penguin Stones – The penguins are not only cute but they will also inspire the use of directional and positional language, matching practice, problem solving, pattern making, logical thinking and sequencing skills. All of which are vital for children to develop and master in their everyday lives and through their interactions with technology. These penguins are specially designed to embed pre-coding skills through an appealing, tactile resource and are even robust enough to be used in ice, sand and throughout the outdoors! Once children are secure with the physical skills of ordering and manoeuvring, they will have the confidence to apply the same skills in more abstract ways with digital interfaces.

Pre-Coding Penguin Activity Cards – Set of 16 activity cards with appealing photographic images providing a realistic backdrop to the activities. Made from a sturdy and washable plastic, each card measures 275 x 210mm. Age 3+.

Pre-Coding Penguins App (app for 1 x device) – Featuring matching and sequencing games, mazes, pattern-making activities and a fascinating penguin facts section, this app will help children to develop thinking and language skills. The activities also provide engaging ways for children to practise their use and understanding of directional and positional language. All apps are available for iPad, Android tablet, PC and Mac.

Samsung Galaxy 8GB Tablet (Black) – Designed for on-the-go convenience, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet keeps you focused with all of the right tools. With customisable apps, advanced camera features, and long-lasting battery life, you can now be prepared for whatever your day gives you.


3 reviews for Pre-coding Penguins App

  1. Bett Awards Judge – January 23, 2020:

    “Pre-coding Penguins is a thoughtfully and clearly designed app – with fun engaging characters which provide resources for teaching pre-coding and inspires curiosity in learners. It does this in an appropriate way for Nursery and Reception by using both physical and digital resources.”

  2. Martin Bailey, Digital Enrichment Leader, Lanchester EP Primary School:

    “Pre-Coding Penguins is a fantastic app for introducing younger children to the initial concepts of programming and coding. The app is very child friendly, easy to navigate and provides challenge for a range of different abilities.”

  3. Amanda Mangham, Ightenhill Nursery School – September 26, 2019:

    “My 4 year old children particularly enjoy the challenge of directing the penguins around the mazes”.