Rainbow – The Personal and Social Skills Development Game

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Rainbow promotes personal and social development in all age groups.  The game facilitates the raising of self-awareness while developing communication skills between players. These skills are readily transferable to every day life encounters.

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Product overview

With three levels available – the third being the most challenging, Rainbow facilitates interaction, verbal expression and respectful discussion between players. Each level has seven mini-games within it. Every mini-game is colour-coded to relate to a different quality for personal and social development.

  • Red for Action
  • Orange for Courage
  • Yellow for Imagination
  • Green for Feeling
  • Blue for Talk
  • Pink for Stimulus
  • Purple for Insight

Playing with all colours develops the full spectrum of self-awareness and social skills.

The game will:

  • Expand social skills
  • Propagate positive interaction
  • boost confidence
  • deal with decision-making
  • promote problem–solving skills
  • encourage consideration of personal values
  • let even the shyest person’s voice be heard
  • help each individual get along with others
  • increase self-awareness

All Ages

2-6 Players (or teams)