Self Harm and Suicide Professional Development

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The Self Harm and Suicide Professional Development File will help professionals to understand the difficult problems of self-harm and suicide among young people and provides a background to interventions, facilitation and staff training.

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Product overview

Recent statistics show that one in every fifteen teenagers has resorted to self-harm. It has became apparent that not only is this problem presenting an increasing risk to the youth, but also, that those people who are in constant contact with young people (namely teachers) are ill equipped to deal with these issues. For some time now, it has become increasingly evident that the school environment plays a significant role in the shaping of young people’s behaviour and emotional functioning. Self Harm and Suicide is a resource designed to help anyone who works with teenagers to begin their path towards supporting the difficult problems of self-harm and suicide.

This resource has been written specifically to make sure that professionals are aware of the issues that teenagers are tackling today and also give them accessible tools to be able to approach these challenging issues with them. The resource contains 3 In-Service Education and Training activities written for staff development as well as 10 sessions that can be worked through with students. It comes with a power point file with back-up training resources and an audio CD of diary entries that are to be used alongside the student activities.

Self Harm and Suicide offers:

– Background information on the theoretical reason for these forms of behaviour

– Valuable guidance on ways to identify those who may be at risk

– Practical ways to react and prevent this ever increasing risk

– The tools you need to enable you to help any of your pupils who may be dealing with this type of problem.

Structure of the Program:

The program is divided into ten sessions as follows:

– Session One: Ground Rules and Definitions

– Session Two: What Causes Young People to Self-harm?

– Session Three: Things We Do That Self-harm

– Session Four: Strategies Scenario

– Session Five: Helping Friends Who Self-harm

– Session Six: Coping Skills

– Session Seven: A Suicide Attempt

– Session Eight: Media

– Session Nine: Bereavement

– Session Ten: Conclusion and Evaluation

Ages: Teens