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Self-Harm & Suicide Prevention Pack

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Sadly, self-harm and suicides are part of our young people’s world adversely affecting too many people. But we can all help if we better understand our young people and the issues associated with self-harm and suicide. This is where the Self-Harm & Suicide Prevention Pack comes in. The resources in the pack are designed to help anyone who works with young people, supporting them in identifying and minimising self-harm and suicide.

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Product overview

The Self-Harm & Suicide Prevention Pack includes:
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Preventing Suicide Attempts A Guide to Brief Treatments Across Clinical Settings – consolidates the accumulated knowledge and efforts of leading suicide researchers, and describes how a common, cognitive behavioural model of suicide has resulted in 50% or greater reductions in suicide attempts across clinical settings. Simple and straightforward descriptions of these techniques are provided, along with clear explanations of the interventions’ rationale and scientific support.
Teen Safety Workbook – being a teen has always been challenging, but today teens face issues that have been compounded by a rapidly changing society and a plethora of technology. These changes require new strategies in ways to teach teens to protect themselves from the challenges they will constantly face in school and community, and with their friends and family.
Self-Harm and Suicide Professional Development – written specifically to make sure that professionals are aware of the issues that teenagers are tackling today and also give them accessible tools to be able to approach these challenging issues with them. The resource contains 3 In-Service Education and Training activities written for staff development as well as 10 sessions that can be worked through with students. It comes with a power point file with back-up training resources and an audio CD of diary entries that are to be used alongside the student activities.
Thought-Changing Cards – Set of 4 – these kits intend to help clients with specific disorders. They contain 50 cards that show cognitive disorders on one side and rational responses and positive behaviour activities on the other. Kits also feature a CD with dozens of printable forms to help keep track of change.