Shining a Light on Stuttering

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Shining a Light on Stuttering: How One Man Used Comedy to Turn His Impairment Into Applause is the story of Jaik Campbell, a stand-up comedian notable for his appearances at the internationally renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, the London comedy circuit, and British television. Jaik’s quest to excel in these highly competitive settings was made all the more difficult by his personal battle with a lifelong stutter. By creatively balancing Jaik’s inspirational story with clearly-presented and current information about stuttering, the authors provide readers with academic, diagnostic, therapeutic, and personal perspectives of this mysterious disorder.

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SKU: 9780987347626 Category: NDIS approved: Yes Ages: 13-18 Author: Dale F Williams & Jaik Campbell Publisher: The Brainary Page count: 498 ISBN: 9780987347626

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The message from Jaik Campbell that stuttering and stand-up can be mutually beneficial is powerful and positive, and an encouragement and inspiration to stutterers and non-stutterers alike.” – Michael Palin – Comedian, actor, and writer

What a beautiful book and inspiring collaboration of autobiographer and clinician. Jaik’s life story and development to successful comedian would inspire anyone, especially those who stutter no matter where they are on their own journey.” – Diane Constantino – Director of the Joseph Germono Fluency Center at Boston University

Although Campbell’s story is unique, the impact of stuttering on his life is something every person who stutters will recognise. Those who are struggling with stuttering can learn from his personal journey of coming to terms with himself and taking risks with his speech. Campbell’s narrative will give clinicians insight into the experience of people who stutter, while Williams’ chapters provide a solid background of research findings and clinical expertise.” – James A. McClure – Advisory board member, National Stuttering Association

EXCELLENT book! I really enjoyed reading this unusual approach to dealing with a speech disorder that can be very debilitating. Even though it’s intended as a textbook the unusual format of personal experiences and truly expert commentary with extensive references by Dr. Williams make this a very interesting read. If you have ever been embarrassed you will relate to Jaik Campbell’s courage and determination. This is a very comprehensive treatment of stuttering that both entertains and explains what stuttering is and how it impacts the lives of those who experience it as well as those who observe someone “just trying to get it out.” – Larry E. Brown

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The textbook was great — I’ve never wanted to read a textbook cover-to-cover before.’
‘The textbook was also very informative and enjoyable to read. It supplemented the lecture notes well.’
‘I also really enjoyed the textbook!’


  • Jaik Campbell explains a bit about his journey, work and book and explains why he thinks it is important to raise awareness of stammering. See Jaik Campbell on YouTube: Shining a Light on Stuttering
  • Read our blog on our interview with co-author Professor Dale Williams