The Running the Room Teacher’s Guide & Companion Bundle

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In Running the Room, Tom Bennett rewrote the book on behaviour management, and outlined the psychology and dynamics underpinning student habits.

In the Running Room Companion, he goes into more detail about how to apply those principles to the classroom.

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This set includes:

Running the Room: The Teacher’s Guide to Behaviour

Running the Room is the teacher’s guide to behaviour. Practical, evidence-informed, and based on the expertise of great teachers from around the world, it addresses the things teachers really need to know to build the classrooms children need. Bursting with strategies, tips and solid advice, it brings together the best of what we know and saves teachers, new or old, from reinventing the wheels of the classroom. It’s the book teachers have been waiting for.

The Running the Room Companion: Issues in classroom management and strategies to deal with them

In this companion, he goes into more detail about how to apply those principles to the classroom. Addressing a wide range of circumstances, he explores popular teacher dilemmas such as: How to deal with students who are late? What are the best ways to work with parents? Managing cover lessons successfully; How to tame smartphones; The best way to design a seating plan; How to start the lesson for the first time; Dealing with low-level disruption; Getting the class quiet when you – and they – need it the most. And many more.