Uprooting Instructional Inequity

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The Power of Inquiry-Based Professional Learning

In Uprooting Instructional Inequity, noted leadership coach Jill Harrison Berg offers a comprehensive guide to help school and teacher leaders amplify the power of collaborative inquiry as a means for identifying, interrogating, and addressing instructional inequity.

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SKU: 9781416630692 - 11 Category: Ages: Adult Author: Jill Harrison Berg Publisher: ASCD Page count: 233 ISBN: 9781416630692 Publish date: January 2022

Product overview

At the center of the book is Berg’s i3PD Planning Map, an invaluable tool for enhancing inquiry-based professional development experiences so that they become engines for schoolwide transformation. The map guides teachers to recognize and reform ways their instructional practice may be contributing to inequity, bolsters facilitators’ abilities to help their colleagues become more effective agents of their own learning, and cultivates a culture of organizational learning in schools.

Berg lays out the process in four parts:

  1. Establishing a solid foundation for your improvement cycle with a deep understanding of the three components of your instructional core: content, participants, and facilitators.

  2. Attending to the three Rs—relevance, rigor, and relationships—representing the connections among the core components.

  3. Designing your improvement cycle and planning it out as a series of session agendas.

  4. Planning for impact by thinking through what you will accept as evidence of success and how you will use that information to take your school to the next level.

If you’re ready to see your school start to work smarter toward instructional equity, and if you’re eager to be a part of that change, Uprooting Instructional Inequity provides the design principles and sample tools you need to get the transformation started.

About the Author

Jill Harrison Berg is a leadership coach, school improvement consultant, researcher, and writer committed to supporting education leaders to recognize and maximize the critical role of teacher leadership in ensuring instructional equity.