The Brainary Stocks the Me2 3D Printer, designed in Australia by Me3D. The core princliples of the Me2 are:

Considered Design
Me2 is open and simple to allow maximum engagement with the print process. It's portable with a light weight build and handle. There are no annoying tweaks or adjustment before each print.

Safe and Robust
Me2 works with non-toxic biodegradable materials and is perfectly safe to have uncovered in a closed environment. There are no large hot moving parts to be careful of. We auto calibrate before every print so it can be moved or take a knock and still work perfectly.

Serviceable and Hackable
Me2 is constructed to be maintained with simple hand tools (provided). The modular extruder can be unplugged and exchanged easily. Built in expansion scope with 18 additional features for future proofing.

For more information about 3D printing and the Me2 by Me3D.

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