A powerful platform for beginners through to advanced users

EZ-Robot offers an easy, innovative, and powerful platform to engage your students in robotics. With EZ-Robot no programming experience is needed! The EZ-Builder Robot Control Software provides a visual design interface to control and program your EZ-Robots. 

EZ-Robot provides a platform that scales between beginner and advanced users. Users are taught algorithmic logic, electronics, and modular design all while modifying their EZ-Robot into a customised Personal Robot. The excitement of having a personalised robot makes the process rewarding! 

Intuitive Software

Includes built-in 3D robot designer, simple 'drag n' drop' controls, 3D printing support and more... Everything you need to change the world!


Control your robot from an Android or iOS device, phone or tablet

EZ-Builder Mobile is the world's most versatile and powerful Mobile Robot Application that fits in your pocket. The mobile version of EZ-Builder loads any project that has been created with EZ-Builder for Windows and has been saved to the EZ-Cloud.

3D print your own parts

Dust off your 3D Printer because now it has a purpose - EZ-Bits can be 3D Printed for free!  Build the robot of your dreams with your 3D Printer and EZ-Robot. EZ-Robot's can be 3D Printed directly from the EZ-Builder Software!

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