pi-top [4]

The pi-top 4 puts the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ in a case with a mini-OLED screen, portable power pack with a three to six hour battery life, and four programmable buttons.

Instead of integrating a big screen and keyboard, this is a small enclosure that has connectivity designed to make it the brain of a modular ecosystem.

Those connections make the pi-top 4 interesting.

See the possibilities here 


In light of the rapid spread of COVID-19, many schools around the globe are closing. As students make the transition to remote learning, educators can leverage pi-top’s powerful ecosystem to extend learning to home environments.


Making the switch to remote learning

With pi-top [4], transitioning to a virtual classroom is simple. As a portable computer device, it’s easy to set up and get going, giving you access to your core learning management tools such as Google Classroom and Microsoft 365. You will be able to keep your students engaged and track their progress while they’re at home by using tools that you’re already using such as Google Docs software suite, including Google Suite, Chrome web browser, and Office 365.

What happens when schools reopen?

While still functioning as a versatile computing device, pi-top [4] combines digital making, coding and practical projects into a single platform, making it easy when schools reopen to turn take-home pi-top [4]s into school-based devices.


Easy to set-up

pi-top [4] can be connected to any monitor but you can also use other devices to access all our fantastic software. You can easily connect pi-top [4] to your existing Windows, Apple and Chromebook computers with VNC, making deploying code and retrieving results easy. 100+ hours of projects pi-top Further, our software learning platform, contains over 100 hours of amazing projects for you and your class to engage with both working remotely and back in the classroom.


You can easily sign in with your existing Clever or Google Classrooms account and sync your classes and students with Further to save you having to manually set them up. You will also be able to access classroom features such as applying standards to challenges in Further, manage classes of students and assign challenges to them.