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Product Overview

sComm once again pushes forward the state of the art in face-to-face communication technology with the launch of the brand new UbiDuo 3. Loaded with more modern innovations than its predecessors, the UbiDuo 3 makes it easier than ever for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate in a dynamic, fully engaged, face-to-face conversation with the rest of the hearing world.


ndis.jpg The Brainary is a registered NDIS provider. Contact us today for help getting the UbiDuo covered in your plan.





UbiDuo Helps Bridge Deaf and Hearing Anytime, Anywhere!


-Ready within seconds, to support you when interpreters aren’t there (90% of the time).

-Empowers 24/7/365 face-to-face interaction between deaf, hard of hearing & hearing everywhere. 

-Gives a real-time, natural flow of face-to-face communication.

-Can be taken everywhere, without the need of Wi-Fi or mobile reception 







Unlike texting, instant messaging or email, there is no “type, send, and wait”.

The UbiDuo 3 not only turns on instantly, but both parties can immediately begin typing in the split screen chat format  Anyone can learn to use the UbiDuo 3 within minutes of being shown how. 

 The UbiDuo 3 has a full-size keyboard and a 7” touch screen allowing for complex or lengthy discussion that would be difficult on the small screen and keypads of a mobile phone.

 Key Benefits:


- Portable, lightweight and easy to carry into any environment                                   

- Independent power source lasting 8 hours                                                     

- No contact details required to share before use                                                

- One time controlled cost for unlimited 24/7 usage 

- Each UbiDuo has a dedicated and encrypted wireless radio signal 

- No mobile signal required 

ult on the small screen and keypads of a mobile phone.







 I could feel my communication potentials opening up. I felt ready to communicate with the world with UbiDuo. Now I can be able to talk to anyone.


Scott Walker, United States Postal Service - Deaf Window Clerk


We are able to talk about our ideas and our deep thoughts and do this in a rather quick way compared to our old way of using a pen and a pencil.


Falcon Sellar, Retired CEO/Rancher, Grandfather of Deaf Grandson


We use UbiDuo instead of interpretation services because we are in a rural community and it takes us anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to get an interpreter to do our interpreting for our patients.


Chuck Johnson, Registered Nurse at Callaway Community Hospital





We could communicate so freely in depth in shorter time. No limitations!


Lori Austin, Medical Technologist, Truman Medical Center





My biggest impact in using UbiDuo 2 is having open channels of communication that I never thought I will have. It is a growth of new relationships for years to come.


Shawn Adair, American Sign Language Professor/Uber Driver




Life after this is amazing. It is so free and independent. I can schedule an appointment and go anywhere with this!


Tamara Merwin, Stay-at-Home Mother




  • Standard wireless network connection – 2.4GHz wireless transceiver
  • ARM Cortex A5 CPU
  • 4GB total storage
  • 7-inch diagonal colour touch screen
  • 8-hour lithium-polymer battery pack
  • 3.5-pound total weight (1.75 lbs per half)
  • USB-C port for charging
  • USB type A port for connecting flash storage
  • Mini-HDMI port for connecting a TV or projector
  • Patented hinge technology
  • Kensington anti-theft slots on each half



  • UbiOS 2
  • Real-time split screen interface
  • Customizable fonts (12 point to 72 point)
  • Customizable text and background colours
  • Password protection on saved conversations
  • Password protection on configuration settings





Current Organisations Using UbiDuo



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