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2D Shape Bag
SKU: SKU5621 - 109
(0 reviews)  
A versatile resource for introducing 2D geometric shapes to children aged 5-7.  

Price: $47.52
55 Favourite Motivational Techniques Kit
SKU: 5507182- 99
(0 reviews)  
The tough job of motivating children to change their behaviour just got easier. A master of positive discipline technique, Dr. Shapiro explores dozens of ways to motivate change in even the most resistant children.

Price: $66.70
A Developmental Approach to Educating Young Children
SKU: SKU4529 - 22
(0 reviews)  
The early school years provide critical opportunities for children to develop foundational skills and positive attitudes toward learning.

Price: $32.19
Market price: $42.92 save 25%
Analysing Interactions in Childhood - Insights from Conversation Analysis
SKU: SKU7389 - 116
(0 reviews)  
Offers a fresh perspective on how conversation analysis can be used to highlight the sophisticated nature of what children actually do when interacting with their peers, parents, and other adults.

Price: $95.08
Anger Control Games
SKU: SKU6837 - 99
(0 reviews)  
The Anger Control Games teach children skills such as recognising what triggers their anger, self-control, self-calming, and much more.

Price: $99.65
Baby Caillou - Bath Books Set
SKU: SKU7148 - 113
(0 reviews)  
In the hands of babies, books become an open invitation to play.

Price: $27.58
Beginner Dinner Games
SKU: SKU7423
(0 reviews)  
Add a Little Family Fun to your Next Family Meal

Price: $23.01
Berenstain Bears Good Behaviour Deluxe Kit
SKU: SKU1982 - 99
(0 reviews)  
The Berenstain Bears Good Behaviour Kit reinforces positive behaviours such as listening to others; sharing; cooperating; following the rules; and being honest, kind, respectful, responsible, and helpful.

Price: $221.65
Caillou - Big Dipper Series (4 Books)
SKU: SKU7012 - 113
(0 reviews)  
The Caillou - Big Dipper series is designed to help children choose the best path to follow to enrich their lives and to help them navigate through the ups and downs of their emotional development.

Price: $32.18
Caillou - Clubhouse Complete Series (16 Books)
SKU: SKU7035 - 113
(0 reviews)  
Intended for preschool children, the  Caillou - Clubhouse Series  take 

Price: $107.36
Caillou - Clubhouse Story Time Series
SKU: SKU7018 - 113
(0 reviews)  
In today’s digital world children are becoming highly stimulated and settling down after activities can be problematic.

Price: $36.78
Caillou - Ecology Club Series (5 Books)
SKU: SKU7016 - 113
(0 reviews)  
The things we do every day have a huge impact on the fight against pollution, wasting of natural resources and overconsumption. Everyone can participate in this battle. It doesn't matter how small the contribution or how young the person - every little bit counts.

Price: $55.19
Caillou - First Words Series
SKU: SKU7015 - 113
(0 reviews)  
Introduce the toddlers and pre-schoolers to a wide-range of daily activities and words - learn over 75 new words!

Price: $85.88
Caillou - Interactive Book Series (4 Books)
SKU: SKU7149 - 113
(0 reviews)  
The Caillou - Interactive Book Series will introduce children to stimulating concepts by developing their fine motor skills.

Price: $55.96
Caillou - Playtime Series (5 Books)
SKU: SKU7017 - 113
(0 reviews)  
Each title includes a different, fun interactive poster that children can hang on the wall, such as the growth chart.

Price: $42.92