Being Brave Pack

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Risk taking and being brave go hand in hand when you embark on an adventure or confront a new challenge. These personal development resources for girls have themes on courage, taking a risk, self-esteem and resilience, while providing strategies to successfully deal with common fears and pressures.

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The Being Brave Pack includes:

Brave Adventures, Little Girl - Visiting her grandparents is always an adventure, and Anika can’t wait to show them what she’s learned in kindergarten. But things don’t always go to plan. Can her grandfather, Seeya, help Anika overcome the fear she sometimes feels when trying new things? And what fantastical stories will he tell of his adventures that can help her feel brave?

Being Brave - What do you do when the voice in your head tells you you’re wrong? You say something silly and the other kids laugh at you? You want to speak up but don’t have enough courage. Ellie and Alyssa have been best friends since pre-school. One chatty, one shy, one adventurous, one considered, one Australian, one with Chinese heritage, both supportive and giving. It’s easy together. Then they change schools. They have to rely on themselves. It’s hard. Ellie’s lost her heart. There’s her little sister and her busy working parents to deal with on her own. She feels unsure about herself. Alyssa is going from lesson to lesson, doing what she’s told, afraid to step out. One day, Ellie’s had enough. She wanders off during a museum visit and discovers a mythical golden Ayrebird exhibit. The myth says if you see an Ayrebird, it brings you luck! Perhaps if the girls can find the bird, they can find Ellie’s heart. Ellie and Alyssa devise a plan. With their backpacks filled with meaningful objects, they set out on a camping trip in search of the Ayrebird. They encounter obstacles, setbacks and frightening creatures amid the beauty of the Australian bushland, and find their courage as well.

Being Brave Too - What do you do when you have a fight with your best friend? When you are in a tough situation and have no one to talk to? How do you ask for help when you feel helpless? Ellie and Alyssa are now in high school. Ellie’s little sister Lucy is growing up and discovering her own voice. Ellie is now popular but is being bullied on social media. Alyssa is finding herself through her connection to her family’s history. These once best friends have gone their separate ways. Bushfires threaten Blue Lake.  A series of events lead them back to each other on a second adventure to save the wildlife. In doing so they learn about themselves, how to overcome difficulties and the importance of leaning on your friends. Being Brave Too is a novel and personal development guide for girls with themes on self-esteem and resilience. It is the sequel to Being Brave.

Smart Sharks - Dive Into New Waters - Dive into New Waters helps players learn to adjust to a new school environment. Every student experiences nervousness and confusion as a new kid in school. They may worry about making friends, academic progress, sitting alone at lunch time, etc. This game helps middle school students successfully deal with these common fears and pressures by providing coping skills and techniques that work. This exciting and challenging new card game series is based on the popular game 21. Covering the areas of leadership, stress, conflict resolution, social networking, anger, and resilience, players develop important skills as they try to get as close as possible to 21 without going over. Each card represents a realistic scenario faced by students on a daily basis. Fun and relevant, Smart Sharks is a must-have for anyone working with middle-school-aged students. Each game includes 52 Cards, a Facilitator’s Guide, a Rules Sheet, and a Colour Foldout of the skills taught in the game, all in a study box.

Character Strength Ball - Teach students about character strength with statements such as, "Why is it important to show empathy?" and "Name a character trait you would like to improve upon." Inflation size approximately 8 inches. Ball is latex free. Ball arrives deflated, pump required. Appropriate for students of all ages

- Great tool for children and teens!
- Teach students about character strength using discussion prompts
- 8 inches, latex free, comes deflated


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